Sthaapana (स्थापना)

The Foundation 

One simply can’t build a strong building without a strong foundation. This quote holds true while constructing something and also while starting a new business. We at Aarambh understand that and offer our services that help lay a strong foundation of a successful business.

In order to establish a business, there are a lot of things that need to fall into place. Thus, we offer constant assistance and guidance for the first 3 months of starting a new enterprise. This includes how to register the business, the IPs it will need and also setting up a basic branding process for the beginning.

But, a brand establishment requires so much more than registration and IP building, hence we at Aarambh, also decide the look and feel of the brand. This, alongside deciding basic HR policies and building a set of Systems and Processes so that the brand can take off immediately after those initial months of buildup.

SaMarth (समर्थ)

The Capable One

Capability is not inherent, it’s a practice that needs to be developed with hard work and persistence. After laying a strong foundation, what makes a business bloom further is constant work being put into the establishment with due diligence.

After the business has been established in the initial few months, it still needs a constant push in the right direction for it to grow and nurture further. We at Aarambh provide constant assistance from the 3rd to the 12th month of establishing and rebranding a business to do just that. We train the entire staff, their social media team and adapt things to their liking. These things, when done in tandem, help out the business owner streamline the process of marketing and sales to help out in the years to come.

With Samarth, as the name suggests, we help businesses become more capable and self-reliant. Whether a brand is off to a start or in midst of a brand makeover, we help it become more proficient in handling customer requests and maintain its brand image in the best way possible.

PARaaMARSH (परामर्श)

The Consultation 

Any form of art is more than what meets the eye, it carries meaning, hardwork and a tonne of passion behind it!

There are so many artists in India that crave for their one big break, to come out and show their craft to the world. We at Aarambh understand that zest and offer paramarsh, meaning consultation to all the aspiring artists, offering them help and practical assistance, to showcase their work to the world. We help these artists in getting entries into exhibitions, gigs and performance showcases so that they can get that extra boost, that extra push that they can benefit so much from.

So if you are an artist and have been looking for a platform to showcase your talent to the world, our Paramarsh service is just for you. Let us help you get the recognition you so very much deserve!


Brand Image Building

Every brand has its unique characteristics, this is what makes it stand out. At Aarambh, we want to help you hone these characteristics and develop a one of a kind brand image that establishes you in the market



Running campaigns can be tricky but when you know your target audience and what they like, the process becomes much simpler. We want to help you set that up.


The packaging is the first impression of any product. We aim to provide you with cost-effective packaging which will match your brand’s image to make sure your product has a lasting impression on the customers.

Location Scouting

The location of your outlet is important for your customers. Your store must be at a location that’s feasible as well as affordable. With Aarambh, you can find the best possible locations for your store.

Vendor Management

At Aarambh, We know how managing multiple vendors is a hectic job. But with the right guidance and assistance, you can not only manage them efficiently but also save money!

Entrepreneur Training

Being an entrepreneur is no piece of cake and a little help goes a long way. We will train you in the basics of entrepreneurship to ensure that you and your business thrive in this competitive market.


In today’s increasingly competitive market, it’s important to maximise your presence for the most reach! We at Aarambh understand that and help you set up an online shop to increase your customer base.

Creating an event/IP

Events and IP are everywhere nowadays as the innovative way of spreading your word out there , and to ensure yours remains exclusive , we at Aarambh help solidify the identity of your event/IP and give it a distinct branding to make it stand out from the rest

Marketing /PR solutions

No matter what the project is , we would be there for quantifying goals and choosing the optimal media mix for reaching target markets and executing for the same. If the business is a start-up requiring hands-on marketing talent, or an established one , we have the marketing /PR solution for you.

Online/offline collaborations

Citizens of Global village also face distances because of unawareness of happenings, an AWARE team at Aarambh lets the client be fully aware of what’s going on in their particular industry and sync them with it via online or physical media. This helps them to stay in the trend and also preserve their classic brand image.

Business process designing

Business process modelling (BPM) is designing processes of an enterprise. Aarambh, after analysing the model of the enterprise designs the better system based on time study and efficiency study helping the brand to succeed and stand still and strong.

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

The term generally applies to efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups. CSR adds up to the image of the brand effectively and efficiently. We expertise in suggesting and managing the CSR for specific businesses and their orientation.

Expansion Modeling

Expanding your business is both amazing and difficult but with Aarambh you get a franchising model. This way you get to grow without being pulled in 15 different directions at once!

How we onboard our clients

Aarambh + Clients = A Successful branding partnership for life!

At Aarambh, we take our clients very seriously and more than an economic partnership, are looking to build a much stronger emotional relationship with them. When we have an initial discussion with our clients, we tend to assess their short and long term goals they have for their business. These goals are necessary to identify as they give us a clear idea of how to proceed in building a successful brand image.

While assessing the short terms goals of our clients, we take a quantified approach. This ensures we play the numbers game while building a successful brand identity. These quantified points include setting up the launch, ensuring things like the social media, systems and processes are up and ready to go.

The long term goals we set for our clients, unlike the short term goals, are more qualified in nature. This includes balancing the fine line between the budget of the clients and meeting their end goals, without compromising on the quality of the brand language. These goals, alongside the budget, are decided after a thorough consideration of the client’s needs and requirements, which helps us execute them in the best way possible.

After we help and assist the client to identify and execute these short and long term goals, we take constant follow-ups to ensure these goals are being met. We take the goals we decided with the clients very seriously. This is why we have special systems and processes in place that help us manage these follow-ups in a more efficient and smooth manner.

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