About us

About Aarambh

Aarambh, which means beginning in Hindi aims at being the guiding light and a sense of support for all upcoming and established businesses.

We provide everything to empower a business so that it can function smoothly and prosper while carving out a niche of its own! The drive behind Aarambh is to provide ambitious business owners with proper training and guidance to make them a jack of all trades, from branding to selling their products.

Business owners know about their businesses, what holds them back is a gazillion formalities that are required to get established.

Here’s where we step in. We help new and existing businesses set up, build an identity old or new and help them stand out from the crowd.

For new business owners, we provide assistance that ranges from registering the business to help set it up, basically a beginner’s kit.

For existing businesses, we help rebrand their identity to suit their requirements better and reach more people with their product/service.

Staying true to its name, Aarambh is the brand to contact when you want your business to start its journey.

“Kill your fear, and start something! God needs people for greater works, but fear always tells them how dangerous it is to take a step!”

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

About Aprajita

There’s this person in every friend circle that your mom trusts you with, that’s Aprajita at Aarambh.
The soul, the mitochondria and the life of Aarambh. 
Aprajita Bhadouria

Aprajita Bhadouria

Founder, Aarambh

As uncanny as it sounds, she is deeply moved by the Mahabharat. Her way of life and the ideas she brings to the table are inspired by the holy book. In her free time, she finds herself off-roading on uncommon terrains or sleeping for 4 days straight.

The very young Aprajita Bhadouria; just like how it has been cited on her National award,

Aprajita is this super ambitious lady who wants people to win.

Other than being hands on with Bollywood dialogues, Aprajita also has immense fascination towards social empowerment. She loves diving into activities which can create a difference in the lives of those who have the potential to grow but not the direction. 

Having lost her father at an age that’s too fragile and sensitive, Aprajita grew responsible and mature way before it was her time. Family debt amongst other responsibilities found her handling multiple businesses at an age where she was supposed to be finishing school. 

Being a single child and the epitome of boldness she is, she said to life bring it on.

She is an extremely partial person, you can always find her siding with ambitious and driven women.

Here’s her life in a summary:

A never seen before boutique concept, Estancia was a fresh concept for the city. Started at 7000 per day as rent in 2014, in tenure of 5 years, Estancia’s bid went up to 31000 per day in 2019. From being booked for college parties to becoming a regular stay point for elite corporates, Estancia has seen it all.

Moving on in life, Aprajita met new people. With a few of them, paths crossed in such a way that the likemindedness led to the germination of power-packed creative consultancy; Beerbal.

Amongst so many good things, the following stood out at Beerbal:

  1. Ashara Mubarak: Hold your breath as you read that 4 World Records were made during this event. More than 250 tonnes of waste was processed in 10 days. The entire staff was trained to process the waste of over 2,50,000 people. This event holds the record for maximum people pledging together for cleanliness.
  1. Jatra: The only time Jatra saw an eco-friendly way of disposing of tonnes of waste was in 2018, which was led by Beerbal.

Aprajita was nominated in 2018 and awarded in 2019 by the then Commerce Minister, Suresh Prabhu in the hospitality and tourism industry for her overall concept of Beerbal, which was just 3 by then. After all this hustle she now owns “aarambh “ which is her long thought dream and is a party to a passion driven production house “RUM N COKE”

ok enough, Let’s get you empowered in 3,2,1!

चलिए आरंभ करते हैं!